Streetlight Creepers

The Stone of Shadows

Back in Time

The Ghostly figure of Denvas Rei greeted the party as they stumbled over the threshold of the ruined church. The howling winter winds began to pick up after sunset and cold and miserable the party sought shelter in the former cathedral. Not long after their arrival in the church however, the sounds of the legions of the dead could be heard outside. Scores of zombies, Geist, Ghouls, Spectral Horsemen and Vampires assaulted the party and through the strength of their muscles and power of their magics they managed to allow Denvas the time to re-consecrate the temple, stemming the flood of Undead. Denvas informed the party that the End of the War would be found at the beginning and sent their spirits back 316 years to occupy the bodies of the Pactmakers, a band of Tiefling nobles, Elven monks, Eladrin Royalty and fierce northern barbarian fighters. The party made their way via the graveyard at the church to the ruined catacombs, fighting hobgoblin mercenaries, undead and fanatical followers until they reached the site of a ritual that would allow one Dr. Theloi Kaius to reach Lichdom. The party faced the mortal Dr. valiantly, remembering encountering him at the remains of the Fortress of Alum Rei as an undead creature. In the end, the party slew the mortal form of Kaius, and as his body was pulled into a yawning portal to the Shadowfell, the catacombs themselves were absorbed, leaving behind a softly glowing gem of pure onyx. The Stone of Shadows. When the party returned to the present, they found the chapel deserted and one of the Seven Stones in their possession. Six more remain to be found.



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