Streetlight Creepers

The Trollmoors - Part I

An old friend returns and the party enters the Trollmoors

The journey from Raven’s Roost to Norwood Cove is a blurry nightmare, dogged every step of the way by swirling storms and the distant howls of winter wolves and worse the party slowly makes their way south through the tundra. When a break in the weather warrants a break, the party gathers around their meager cook fires and discuss their next step after restocking in Norwood Cove. With one fortune stone in their possession and a good idea of what needs to be done the task falls on them to gather the remaining six stones to disable the shield surrounding Caer Andros. In the back of their minds remains the last image as Theloi was pulled into the collapsing portal, his body’s very essence torn apart by the energies being released.

Norwood Cove remains as it has, simple, busy and lively. The party’s first stop is to the dwarves of the House Kundarak bank. Depositing their wealth in the magical vaults of the Kundarak halls, the party then heads into town to restock their supplies and possibly pick up a new magical item from one of the crafter’s houses. Later that night at the Trailhorn Tavern, the party is seated around a large wooden table near the center of the room, whie the town’s merchant class files in after a long day’s work. Snippets of conversation can be heard over the general din of the bar. Something catches Klawra’s eye as three oddly dressed figures enter the bar.

The first is a warforged unlike anything she’d previously seen. Betraying the norm, this warforged is clothed, and not in simple robes or jerkin and breeches. He wears a fine silk doublet and pantaloons. A wide red sash encircles his waist and two thin rapier blades rest easy in its folds. Atop the warforged’s head rests a large brimmed hat with an enormous multicolored feather stuck in the band. His two companions are dressed in a similar manner. One is a tall dark-furred minotaur female with glittering brown eyes and a crack in her left horn. A broad axe is strapped to her back, within easy reach. The weapon seems well used and the blade has several nicks and notches. The third is a halfling, barely topping the four foot mark, she has curly blond hair and twin daggers are within her easy reach. Her eyes are alert and dart back and forth through the room. The first thing that crosses Klawra’s mind after viewing the trio is ‘Pirates.’

The warforged briggand calls out in a southern Khoivare accent, “Barman, three pints o’ ale fer me and me lasses. Cap’n Sparky finally set down in a burg with a decent pub.”

The taller female puts her finger to her lips and shushes the warforged saying, “Shhh, Jarvis. We only have three days shore leave and I’d like to keep my purse long enough to enjoy them.”

Jarvis replies, “Nonsense lass, none of these rubes would be foolish enough to take on three o’ the Maid’s best hands.” The trio takes seats near the party and continue to talk. Bits of their conversation can be overheard, most of it concerning daring raids on House Lyrandar barges and the plunder they’ve aquired. At some point later in the conversation, the warforged stands up and calls out in a loud voice for the entire tavern to hear, ‘To the Maiden’s Call! And to Cap’n Sparky! Next rounds on us lads and lasses!”

A great cheer resounds through the crowded room and the party joins the three pirates. Klawra, a burgeoning pirate herself, inquires about the ship and their business. The Warforged, now quite drunk, stares at her a second then at Bikrash Brown, the party’s fighter and tactical leader. His eyes focus on the face of the Dragonborn, then exclaims loudly, ‘YOU!’ Seeing the Tiefling cleric, Talik Mark behind the fighter he exclaims again, ‘You.’ Panning his gaze over the remaining member of the party he states, ‘Them!’

Startled the party inquires if the warforged knows them, to which he replies, ‘no, but I got someone you need to meet.’

Following the three pirates out of the bar and to the docks, they pass the traditional seafaring vessels to the end of the quay where, floating above the water is a long sky-schooner. A name is painted on the hull, but painted over it in scrawled common is the name ‘Maiden’s Call.’

Calling up to the ship, a ladder is dropped down to allow the group access to the decks. The schooner is outfitted for war, and shile it could easily serve a crew of 25, barely a dozen crewmates seem apparent. most of the ship’s area being used for storage of loot or weapons. Two balistae are found on the port and starboard sides of the stern, while on the maincastle is secured a larger model on a pivoting table. The warforged bangs on the door to the below decks and calls out, ‘Cap’n Sparky, we gots guests.’

A familiar sensation strikes the party members as their hair stands on end. Opening the door is a Stormsouled Genasi the party recognizes as Ki-Amar their comrade who was separated by his duties before the incident with the amulet. the party shares a rejoiceful reunion with the Swordmage, and he informs them of his journey to the town of Waterdeep and subsequent arrival in Sigil followed by an unfavorable bargain with several Neogi where a mark was placed on Ki-Amar, effectively removing him from any battle situations. He agrees to ferry his friends around the island until their task is completed however.

Three days later, the party boards the Maiden and heads into the mountains for the monastery of Ioun, to find someone who can tell them more about the Fortune Stones and where the others may be located. Arriving at the monastery they find the place destroyed, investigating reveals that a large war band of Trolls and Orcs struck the monastery and carried off several of their scholars, including the scholar who my have the answers the party needs. The party sets off into the Trollmoors, a vast swampland filled with caves and hovels in search of the stolen monks.



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