Streetlight Creepers

The Trollmoors - Part II

Orcs, Mushrooms and Robots Oh My!

After a short rest the party follows the signs and smells deeper into the warrens of the Marrowmaw Orc tribe. They reach a large cavern cut through by a large swift-flowing river. Rough stone walls signify the presence of more members of the Marrowmaw Tribe. Sneaking into the entrance of the cave, the party begins their assault with a well-placed charge by Bikrash, sending an Orc grunt flying into one of the flaming cooking fires. A second charge by Cleric, Talik Mark results in far different results as she face plants into the same fire, pushing the flaming orc out the other side.

The battle erupts in full swing as Veeymer the Orc Chieftan enters the fray delivering swing after swing of his greataxe. Several well place attacks by the Psion, Halkad and a bash from Bikrash’ shield sends the chieftan into the river to be swept away. The party mopped up the remaining tribesmen and shaman before following a strange purple glow into the next area.

The purple glow was revealed by the Bard, Elledina, as belonging to a species of bio-luminescent mushrooms, and soon the party glances upon a grove of the fungus being tended by three hulking trolls. Choosing discretion over violence, the party retreated back to the entrance cavern to take the tunnel they had passed by earlier in their explorations.

Following the hallway the party enters an antechamber containing four floor-mounted arcane canons and a magical mouth made of steel. Working their arcane energies into the canons, Halkad and Warlock, Zachar, manage to disable two of the canons. Bikrash, choosing muscle over mind attempts to intimidate the mouth into letting them in. The mouth is far from swayed however and following failed attempts by Talik and Elledina, the party overloads the security system causing Elledina, Bikrash and Talik to be assaulted by the canons as they exploded, wracking their systems and leaving them drained.



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